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This Lovable Elf is Back for The Santa Clause Spinoff on Disney+

It's officially been announced that David Krumholtz will reprise the fan favorite roll of Bernard the Elf in the upcoming The Santa Clause spinoff series. He joins Tim Allen and Elizabeth Mitchell in the show which will premier later this year.

Many had been wondering whether Bernard would be featured in the series, and now we know that this is truly going to happen!

Deadline has learned that David Krumholtz will reprise his fan-favorite role as Bernard the Elf in The Santa Clauses.

Krumholtz reunites with Allen and Elizabeth Mitchell, who will again play Scott Calvin/Santa and Carol Calvin/Mrs. Claus, respectively, in the series that is likely to premiere later this year. Krumholtz first showed up in the 1994 film and returned for the sequel in 2002. As the head elf, Bernard was a bit of a grump but an effective taskmaster in Santa’s workshop.

Given that Christmas is my favorite time of the year, it's no surprise that I cannot wait for The Santa Clause series to drop on Disney+. It was a smart move to bring Bernard the Elf back, and you just know that this will be filled with nostalgia for so many of us who grew up on the movies.


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