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The Real Reason For MCU's Phase 4 Steep Quality Drop

When Disney+ was announced, Disney fans everywhere were super excited to get access to the full library of movies and shows from the Walt Disney Company, Marvel, Star Wars and the rest of the company's intellectual property. What has transpired over the past couple of years, however, brought an unforeseen problem: subpar quality of new movies and shows.

The most glaring examples have been within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It used to be that each MCU film was met with anticipation and fans rushing to the theater to find out how this film affects the rest of the cinematic universe. The movie would be two to three hours long and jam packed full of action and comedy.

Now, however, Marvel has been shifting its focus over to Disney+ series like Wandivision, She-Hulk and Moonknight, which have been hit-and-miss at best. Many fans have been complaining about the steep quality drop with these new shows compared to the pre-Disney+ days. The blame has targeted the writers, actors and sub-par CGI.

However, Julia Balot wrote an interesting article over on Technique that re-focuses where the blame actually lies:

When writers are presented with eight hours of run-time to fill, fast deadlines so that there is never a lull in content and limited budgets being split between multiple other shows, it is not shocking that jokes are subpar and storylines are dragged out.

So while the acting, writing and CGI have all seen steep drops in quality, the blame falls more onto the Disney executives and their decisions in regards to the streaming service. Balot predicts that this is probably not going to change anytime soon:

I don’t believe Disney will change this new plan, however, until their profits start to reflect fan disappointment. There has been public outcry about Disney live-action remakes for years, but those have not gone away in the slightest.

While the MCU has always been milked by Disney for profit, the existence of Disney Plus has increased their behavior tenfold, and it is tanking the MCU along with it.

What do you think about MCU's Phase 4... do you agree that the MCU is simply not as compelling as it once was? What do you think is the reason? Post your thoughts in the comments.


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