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What Might Be Standing In The Way Of The Return Of Disneyland's PeopleMover

It could just be a magical and amazing rumor but with the upcoming (and much needed) Tomorrowland refurbishment, Disneyland fans are hoping for a return of the beloved PeopleMover! Over 55 years, ago on July 2, 1967, the attraction opened in Tomorrowland.

The roughly 16 minute ride was sponsored by Goodyear (using their tires, of course) after Ford Motor Company declined the invitation to be title sponsor. Goodyear Tired remained sponsor until December 31, 1981. It was a four-car train that "moved people" -- okay so that part is obvious. Guests boarded ride vehicles that gave a "tour" above Tomorrowland. On August 21, 1995 the ride closed. The attraction was replaced with the very... very, very, very short-lived Rocket Roads which I had the pleasure of riding twice, once while it broke down -- which is commonly did. It only lasted from May 1998 until September 2000 where it closed for maintenance but never reopened.

I've always wondered why they never brought back the PeopleMover. It's one of our favorites at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World and we ride it at least a few times because it's relaxing and nostalgic. I was only 6 years old when Disneyland's PeopleMover closed and remember it fondly.

With the rumors of a possible return of the wonderful PeopleMover, we can all hope and pray that Disney will bring back some nostalgia to The Happiest Place On Earth since they keep removing so many of the classic feels from Disneyland's early years.

In my opinion they will more than likely have to widen the track area and replace or severely update the current infrastructure to allow for guardrails, as there are way more safety laws and building codes than there were in 1967 when the ride made its debut. I guess we will see and will learn at the upcoming D23 Expo. If there's any news of the People Mover's return - this is when and where we will learn the details.


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