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Walt Disney’s Opening Day Speech Snubbed From Disneyland’s 67th Birthday Festivities

To all come to this happy place, welcome... except for Walt Disney.

Each year on July 17th, Disneyland celebrates the park’s anniversary of when they first opened their gates way back in 1955. One thing Disney fans look forward to is hearing Walt’s opening day speech over the speakers… except this year, for whatever reason, it was omitted from the festivities!

We’ve been there on July 17th many times over the years and have heard Walt’s speech over the speakers. If you close your eyes and listen it’s as if you’ve been transported back to 1955 on opening day (also known as Black Sunday) — it’s a pretty magical experience.

This year… on the 67th anniversary, Walt Disney’s opening day speech was heard by no one at the parks for the first time in decades.

For years true Disney fans have felt the slow and steady removal of all things Walt and Disney nostalgia from the parks. Is CEO Bob Chapeck to blame for this? Makes ya wonder if they’d ever remove the Partner’s statue at the hub at the end of Main Street U.S.A? I hope not but I also never thought they wouldn’t play his speech either. So sad.

Disney tweeted “The years may pass, but the magic is timeless! Happy anniversary to @Disneyland, which opened on this date in 1955” but has not yet released a statement regarding this decision to cut Walt’s speech.


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