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The Best Costumes From D23 Expo 2022 + Official Mousequerade’s Winners


From Disney Bounding to Mickey gear to full on cosplay everywhere you look at D23Expo there is something incredible to see. One of my favorite parts about the weekend is the costumes! I’ve seen some incredible detail, technology and even decorated Mickey Ears at the show — each year it gets better and better.

Families come dressed up together as an ensemble, friends dress up as a duo or Disney couple and some let their partner shine while they hold all the expo loot and even remote controls to the fabulous costumes. I’m not sure how people travel with it all, put it on or even pee but they do and we’re grateful to see it all. Some costumes take weeks, months and even years to create! Oh everyone is so talented!

Here are my favorite costumes from the weekend. The first one is hands down the best I’ve ever seen, ever. Look at the detail on all the costumes below. Every inch of their outfit is is intentional. I love it!



To see the winners from D23 Expo’s Mousequerade’s click here.

Here's a great book all about Disney Bounding, what it means and how to do it.!


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