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Grand Marceline Coffee Sells Out on Day 1 at D23 Expo!

One of our favorite things to do every time we go to D23 Expo is go through the vendors to find new companies and products. At our first D23 in 2013, we found our favorite coffee company: Grand Marceline Coffee & Cocoa.

They are based in Marceline, MO, which is Walt Disney's hometown... and they make the very best coffee you have ever tasted! It's fire-roasted in an antique Victorian-era coffee roaster, which brings out the perfect coffee flavor through the caramelization process.

Every D23 Expo, we stop by their booth to get caffeinated with their most amazing coffee. It's amazing to see people stopping by their booth and tasting their coffee and cocoa, followed by smiles because they know they've just tasted their new favorite coffee.

As always, today was Day 1 of D23 Expo, which means our first stop was at the Grand Marceline booth to start off our day with their coffee, which is roasted literally on Main Street USA and some hugs from our friends! They were also our last stop to top off our mug for the drive home... and they told us that they already sold out of coffee!!

If you are going to D23 Expo Saturday or Sunday, be sure to stop by their booth and taste their amazing coffee and cocoa... it's the way that coffee is supposed to taste. Hoping they'll be able to stock up more for the rest of the weekend. But either way, whether you buy a bag (or 10!) at the expo or on their website, you've got to start off your day with a cup of Grand Marceline Coffee. If you stop by, tell them Krysten sent you - just for funsies!

You can order their coffee at


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