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The City of Anaheim Might Force Disneyland Ticket Prices To Increase

“The Happiest Place on Earth” might need to be changed to The Most Expensive Place on Earth thanks to the city of Anaheim. The year I was born, 1987, tickets were $28. You can’t even get a meal at one of the sit-down restaurants for that price.

This morning, Inside The Magic reported on this new tax increase for events held within the city limits with 15000 people or more in attendance. The city council is proposing a 2% tax on tickets which would mainly target sporting events and theme parks in the area. This info coming from the Anaheim City Council Agenda and while we’re not sure yet if it will pass, even just a few dollars per ticket won’t exactly thrill Disney fans.

There have been many many many price increases in the last 20 years. Back in 2000 a ticket to the parks could set you back about $41 (oh what we’d give to pay that again) and with inflation that would be about $70… which is definitely less than what we’re typically paying now depending on which day you go.


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