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Brawl At Walt Disney World Sends Guest To The Hospital (Video)

Knott’s Berry Farm closed early the other day due to a large brawl, and I guess some guests at The Magic Kingdom needed to get in on that action as well because two families started throwing fists at The Most Magical Place On Earth which sent someone to the hospital. I can believe this kind of story having witnessed something scary at the parks myself.

In Fantasyland, near Peter Pan’s Flight and near the Cinderella Castle two families got into it due to someone “cutting in line.” According to this article, a Disney guest was waiting in line for Mickey’s PhilharMagic when she remembered that she left her phone in her motorized scooter. She went to get it and came back into the line to catch up with her family and was met with another family not allowing her to pass through to reach the rest of her group. Her family waited outside the theater to confront the offending group and that’s when the yelling and fists started to fly. Security didn’t show up for about 2 minutes — a lot can happen in that amount of time.

One ended up in the hospital due to cuts on his face. And another report says that one of the families involved apparently stole or broke much of what was on the opposing family including a phone, designer clothes and accessories.

None of this seems to be worth not kindly allowing a guest to run back to their scooter or stroller to grab something whether it be a snack, cell phone, fan or a drink. Though other people may feel differently, it shouldn’t result in fists flying about. Was it the heat? Were they all hangry? Did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed in their pricey Walt Disney World Resort? Maybe a combination of it all?

On our first trip to Walt Disney World back in 2012 we experienced something pretty scary at Animal Kingdom. We had VIP Tour Guide and upon entering a side door at the park, we saw a man screaming at his girlfriend or wife. He threw her to the ground, ripped her tank top and picked her up by the neck and threw her back on the ground. There wasn’t a cast member or security in sight. Our tour guide saw what was happening and immediately excused herself to call security. It was scary and it really wasn’t a great thing to see as we first entered Animal Kingdom.


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