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91 Year Old Disney Imagineer Bob Gurr Gets His First Tattoo. You'll Never Guess What He Got

91 year old Disney Imagineer Bob Gurr shared on social media that he got his very first tattoo while on vacation. You’ll never guess what he got tatted and where!

You may not know his name (unless you’re a Disney nut) but you can thank Bob Gurr if you love visiting Disneyland and riding on the Monorail, Autopia, Haunted Mansion, Matterhorn (and so much more). He’s the iconic imagineer, engineer and designer of countless mechanical attractions and is 91 years young! Bob is the only remaining original imagineer among those assigned by Walt Disney to design Disneyland in 1954 and is said to have designed the most of the ride vehicles at the park.

Of course - the beloved Bob Gurr got a tiny 1959 Mark I Monorail tattooed right in the middle of his chest.

He said: “Yes I got my first tattoo last week (my 1959 Mark I Monorail) while cruising the Mediterranean around Spain on the radical cruise ship Virgin Voyage's Valiant Lady. Thanks to Squid Ink Tattoo and Virgin Voyages!”

Honored that we were able to meet Bob at the last D23 Expo in 2019 at the Grand Marceline Coffee Booth.

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